Zedmeisters workbench

Zedmeister's Workbench


One of my first published maps and it shows (Well to me anyway). A lot of work I do I donĀ“t release because I never feel they are truly finished and the same goes for this map. Everytime I play I feel that I need to adjust weapons/bots/whatever! Anyway, the map was the result of inspiration garnered from the original Unreal level terraniux and also from the Unreal Expansions Pack DM-Terra Map. The map itself plays well even though it is quite linear and the weapons seem to be spaced out well through it.

Original description: This map is a combination of industrial, mine and outdoor areas. The layout is very linear but there are opportunities for z-axis fighting.
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Download: DM-TarydPlantStrike.zip - 606KB