Zedmeisters workbench

Zedmeister's Workbench


This map is in the theme of a temple of some sort with lots of catch pools for rain and water as well as some booby traps! I had many inspirations for this level (See below). I have spent ages to try to get the bots working right and to try to get the weapon placement correct. I donĀ“t know of any bugs, but please please; if you do find some tell me.

Original description: A fairly large multilevel arena set within a temple. Throughout the arena there are various places where rain comes through holes in the ceiling to collect within various pools. There are several seperate rooms linked together with multiple corridors. Within each room there are multiple levels to keep those z-axis fans happy while a complete selection of weapons and power ups will keep any trigger happy maniac pleased!
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Download: DM-TempleBlastathon.zip - 811KB