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Zedmeister's Workbench

Epic Rules, Edition and Articles

I'm a big fan with the Epic games system and it's miniatures having built up quite a large collection over the years and here I cover a little of the games history. At the moment this area is a collectors resource meant for enthusiasts such as myself. I've included information on offical Epic rules releases and magazine articles. I've not talked about Fan-supported rules or lists simply because these are so extensive or numerous that I can't hope to possibly catalogue them all!

Epic has undergone many revisions of rules over the years. In this area, I cover what rules and supplements were released in each edition, box contents and an inventory. I intend this resource to be used by collectors. If you do see anything wrong or amiss do contact me on webmaster @ my domain name and I'll correct them.

A list of Epic features in White Dwarf, the Journal and other in-house magazines. I've divided this up into several parts to cover each era of Epic - 1st, 2nd (2 parts), 3rd and 4th editions.

Each page contains a list of magazines and which epic articles they contain. I've divided the contents up by: Articles of interest - these cover 'Eavy Metal sections, battle reports and previews, New Rules - any new rules and datafaxes that appear and Miniature catalogue - what miniatures and parts are catalogued. There is also the occasional download, mostly data cards, datafaxes and other scans related to the white dwarf.


Some sites of interest related to Epic gaming:

Tactical Command Forum - Epic and 6mm gaming - the premier forum for all Specialist Games, but, particularly Epic, Battlefleet Gothic and Warmaster.

Carl Woodrow's Dropship - a site dedicated to wargaming, but especially Epic. Contains many gorgeously painted Epic minis and terrain.