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If it's on the web, sooner or later it'll be downloaded, copied, manipulated, sold, resold and remade into a naff advert! This site is very much a personal hobbiest site for enthusiasts like myself. Please don't link directly to resources as it chews up my bandwidth and it'll cost me money (which I am not prepared to pay and will result in this site disappearing to the detriment of everyone).

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While there are not that many images on the site at present, there are a few. All images listed under the Epic section are copyright Games Workshop Ltd all rights reserved, except where stated. All resources are the property of myself and may not be copied, altered or used elsewhere by electronic or other means without the express permission of myself. Basically, please don't pilfer any of the articles or pictures from this site without getting my permission first (I'm not unreasonable and a polite e-mail will be enough as long as there is acknowledgement of where the resource came from).

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