Zedmeisters workbench

Zedmeister's Workbench

Miniatures Gallery

A gallery of my painted miniatures. From Darklands to Epic, Rogue Trader to Sedition Wars, it's all here!
Rogue Trader Gallery Ah Nostalgia. It grips us all at some point. For me, I am enjoying my time going through Rogue Trader and the nice miniatures produced at the time. So far, i only have Imperial Guard here. But, I hope to change that...
Sedition Wars

Every now and then, you find a game and line of miniatures that you unexpectedly like. Sedition Wars is one of those. A board game and range of miniatures from Mike McVey. Putting the Kickstarter troubles aside, on it's own the game is enjoyable and the miniatures are excellent (especially the resins!)

Random Miniatures

This is a gallery of random miniatures I've painted over the years. I no longer have most of them having sold them off through ebay, bartertown or trades. A few I still have.

Epic Miniatures My favourite system both for gaming and for painting. Take a look at what I have painted so far.
Darklands A gallery of my Darklands Minis. For those of you who don't know, Darklands is a Dark Age fantasy game from Mierce Miniatures. Darklands creates a world based in North West Europe in the year AD650 - the Dark Ages. It takes all the creatures, myths and legends of that time and puts forth a game and background that says "What if these were real? What if the Norse really did have Trolls as allies? What if the Fomorians were real? One of the best things is the historical context of the game - you can search online for most of the strange names and places and find a corresponding myth or legend. The legends of Ys, Balor the Evil Eye, etc.