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Whats been happening lately? Well recently I've been slowly assembling my Storm Lords Space Marine force for Epic. With a Tactical and Predator detachment finished and ready for photographing, I begin work on an Assault Marine unit. I'm also getting a little Titan fever back after reading through the Badab War part 2 and admiring the Warmongers Titans colour scheme. I've also luckily stumbled across some old information on Codex Titanicus 2. Have now updated the Codex Titanicus page with this info, but suffice to say some interesting new classes of Titan were planned such as the Legatus Titan and the Atlas Titan. All I can say is, come on Forgeworld - give us that long rumoured 6mm Titan game!

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30 October 2013
Maagaan - Warlock of Baalor Here's Maagaan. He's a Warlock of Baalor and the miniature that got my hooked on Darklands Minis. He's also the first Darklands Mini I painted!
30 October 2013
Imperial Guard Artillery Company Long range destruction at the hands of an Imperial Guard Artillery Company.
30 October 2013
Kev Adams Goblins

A few Kev Adams Goblins I painted recently for a painting challenge on the Oldhammer Forums

30 October 2013
Rogue Trader Imperial Guard - The first 7! The first 7 Rogue Trader Imperial Guard. From the 3rd Company - The Wrecking Crew!
30 October 2013
Vanguard Troopers

Two Vanguard Troopers - these two are the metals from the Sedition Wars prototype releases.

18 March 2011
Legio Astorum Warhound Titan My Battle Titan Maniple starts to take shape as the first of a pair of Warp Runners Warhound Titans strides in.