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Codex Titanicus

Codex Titanicus cover Throughout the release of Space Marine and Adeptus Titanicus, numerous rules were published in white dwarf for new vehicles, infantry and titans for humans, Orks and Eldar. These rules, along with some new expansion rules, were released in a supplement for both games called Codex Titanicus.

For me, Codex Titanicus is up there as one of the best pieces of work put out by GW along with the two realm of chaos books, Rogue Trader and others. It is rich in background, art, imagery and rules. The book itself is atmospheric and carries across the era of the Horus Heresy.

It is divided into four main sections – section 1 includes new general titan rules and a campaign system and rules for new Imperial titans, vehicles and equipment. Section 2 has details on Eldar titans and infantry. Section 3 details the Orks and section 4 are the counters and datasheets.

Codex Titanicus 2

There is also mention of "Codex Titanicus II" in the Space Marine rulebook. I have no information on what it was supposed to contain. I can only speculate that it'd include rules and articles that appeared in White Dwarf along with rules for Psi-Titans, Emperor Titans, Juggernauts and Zepplins. If anyone has any further information on Codex Titanicus II, I'd really like to know more. Please contact me at webmaster @ my domain name.

Update. Since posting above, I've discovered some rumour and hearsay about what else was to be included in Codex Titanicus 2:

  • Atlas Class Warlord Titan - a testbed Titan used by the Diviso Investigatus for testing new technologies
  • Legatus Class Warlord Command Titan
  • Vulcan Class Warlord
  • Nemesis Class Psi-Titan
Looking at the metal Titan weapons released around the end of 1st edition, it wouldn't be too much of a leap to suppose that the command heads, devotional bell and others could create a command titan. The Nemesis Psi-Titan was sculpted and underwent a limited release in the US. As for the others, they may never appear apart from the rare mention in the background stories. The only time that they might appear in miniature form is if Forgeworld do produce their long rumoured 6mm true-scale Adeptus Titanicus game.

Counters include:

  • Close combat option cards
  • Ork Gargant order counters
  • Eldar Titan order counters
  • Ork and Eldar infantry order counters
  • Burst circles
  • Dropship markers
  • Unit datasheets
  • Ork, Eldar and Imperial Titan rosters