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Zedmeister's Workbench


A gallery of my Darklands Minis. For those of you who don't know, Darklands is a Dark Age fantasy game from Mierce Miniatures. Darklands creates a world based in North West Europe in the year AD650 - the Dark Ages. It takes all the creatures, myths and legends of that time and puts forth a game and background that says "What if these were real? What if the Norse really did have Trolls as allies? What if the Fomorians were real? One of the best things is the historical context of the game - you can search online for most of the strange names and places and find a corresponding myth or legend. The legends of Ys, Balor the Evil Eye, etc.

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30 October 2013
Maagaan - Warlock of Baalor Here's Maagaan. He's a Warlock of Baalor and the miniature that got my hooked on Darklands Minis. He's also the first Darklands Mini I painted!
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