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Space Marine Battles

Space Marine Battles front cover Prior to the launch of Titan Legions, many articles and new rules were published through White Dwarf to support Epic. Many of these articles were very popular and as a consequence, back issues of these White Dwarfs sold out very fast. Some time after the Ork and Squat Warlords supplement was launched, this compilation was assembled which contained many of the much sought after articles as well as new previously unpublished material. Also contained were all the 2 nd edition battle reports published. These battle reports are excellently written and read like mini-stories and hold their own, especially in comparison to the modern battle reports.

Book contents:

  • Tactics for Imperial, Ork and Squat forces.
  • Battle Reports - Chaos at Kadavah (Blood Angels v Chaos), The Assault on Barbarius (Imperial Guard v Eldar), The (infamous!) Battle for Golgotha (Orks v Squats) and the Alaitoc Craftworld v Blood Angels.
  • New Rules for Characters (Ragnar Blackmane, Ulrik the Slayer, Njal Stormcaller, Ghazgkull, Yarrick), new Khorne Daemon engines (Brass Scorpion, Blood Reaper, Doom Blaster), the Banelord titan, Tzeentch Daemon engines (Silver Tower, Doomwing, Firelord), expanded Gargant rules, Warhound and Reaver titans and the extensive and excellent assault rules.
  • Modeling Workshop for construction bunkers, defence lines and minefields (this article is faithfully redone years later for the Swordwind book).
  • Counters and cards for using the new rules and units in the book.